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Tea Eye Mask DIY Secrets to Reduce Puffiness


Tea Eye Mask DIY Secrets to Reduce Puffiness

Many friends are asking me how can I resolve the sequelae of staying up late for many years, that is: dark circles, bags under the eyes, I will teach you a few ways to do everyday at home, but you must pay attentionThere are also many small contraindications to your own eye mask. Some tea eye masks use black tea, but the pigmentation is more serious, and it is worse than not doing it!


hzh {display: none; }  一、治愈黑眼圈:  方法一:苹果眼膜  将苹果切成薄片或捣成泥轻敷于眼周围,10-15分钟后取下,再用清水洗净残余汁体.
Can be done every 2 days.

  Method 2: Tea eye mask Pack the drunk tea leaves into small tea bags and put them in the freezer, then take them out around the eyes, remove them after 10-15 minutes, and then wash the remaining juice with water.

Can be done once a week.

  Method three: Tremella eye mask Wash the white fungus and make it into juice. Then put it in the refrigerator and chill. Take 3-4 drops around the eye and apply it around the eyes. After 10-15 minutes, the eyes are basically absorbed, and the remaining juice is washed with water.

Can be done once a day.

  Second, heal the bags under eyes: Method 1: Tea water eye mask is soaked in hot water after the tea is cooled down, moistened with a cotton pad and gently scratched. It is applied to the eyes, removed after 10-15 minutes, and washed with waterResidual juice.
Do it once a week.

  Method 2: Take a spoonful of iced milk from the milk eye mask, apply it with a cotton pad, and gently dry it, and then apply it to the eyes. Remove it after 10 minutes, and then wash the residual juice with water.

Do it once in the morning and evening.

  Third, serious precautions: 1, choose tea eye mask is to pay attention to supplement black tea, otherwise it will cause pigmentation.

Flower tea, green tea, chrysanthemum tea should be selected, and green tea is best.

  2. It is best not to drink too much water before going to bed. If the eyes are swollen after drinking the next day, it is recommended to cover the ice with gauze to apply ice, which can quickly remove the edema.

  3, while doing some daily care, you must cooperate with appropriate therapies and skin care products suitable for your condition.

  Fourth, the best time for facial masks, eye masks and beauty: 1. One week after the end of the monthly body cycle (ie, the menstrual period), it is the most vigorous period of estrogen production, the most abundant nutrients can be absorbed, and the change is also rapid.
  2. When soaking in the bathtub.

At this time, the whole body is in a relaxed state, and the pores are maximally opened by water vapor, which can quickly absorb nutrients.

  3. After cardiovascular exercise.

After a day of exercise, we will find ourselves sweating a lot and feel that our skin is breathing very smoothly.

At this time, our metabolism is accelerating at the same time, and it is best to do some care in this area after taking a bath.

  4. Before going to bed.

It is also a good time to do a facial or eye beauty every night before going to bed.

At that time, our skin was about to enter a state of strong absorption of nutrients, and then go to sleep after doing some nutritional care, which is an excellent time to adjust the skin condition.