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Yoga: Let your feeling of relaxation spread from your fingertips

Yoga: Let your feeling of relaxation spread from your fingertips

Put on a handprint to let the feeling of relaxation pass from your fingertips to your whole body. This is finger yoga.

  Finger yoga, as its name implies, is yoga that exercises the fingers and exercises a series of gestures for a long time to achieve self-cultivation and cure diseases.

Because there are many acupuncture points corresponding to the major organs of the body, correct practice of various gestures can stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points, thereby having a positive impact on the body.

If combined with proper breathing, eye movement, meditation, and prayer, it can also relax the mind, eliminate fatigue, overcome tension, worry, depression, anger, etc. to reduce emotions, create inner peace, and obtain coordination between body and soul.

All in all, the task of finger yoga is: self-healing and personal energy release.

  There are multiple sets of body postures (or asanas, asanas) called “Asana” in yoga for practitioners to practice continuously. On the contrary, there are gestures called “Mudra” in finger yoga.

The word “Mudra” is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “handprints”, that is, making various gestures with your fingers.

Nine hand prints, also known as “Buddhist hand prints,” were the first signs of meditation practice.

Nowadays, Indian dance masters and yoga monks have created dozens of gestures with different physiotherapy effects.

The common ones are as follows: the first: “GyanMudra” (wisdom fingerprint) the thumb and index finger are gently interlocked, and the other three fingers are naturally cracked.

This handprint represents the fusion of one’s own energy and the energy of the universe, which can calm people quickly.

Long-term exercise, also has the effect of restoring memory, treating insomnia, depression, lethargy and other neurological disorders.

  The second type: “RudraMudra” (fingerprint) with the index finger and ring finger clasped on the fingertip of the thumb together, and the other fingers are pressed freely.

Practicing this gesture has the functions of improving eyesight, improving blood circulation, and treating bidirectional veins.

  The third type: “ApanVayuMudra” (Strong Heart Fingerprint) Bend the index finger, step on the palm mound, and the little finger stand upright; then, press the middle finger and the ring finger to the top of the thumb and press them firmly together.

The effects of this gesture (both hands) include: strengthening the heart, alleviating the discomfort caused by various high blood pressure emergencies, establishing normal blood pressure, regulating menstruation, purifying the body and so on.

  The famous finger yoga master Sebrina?

Myshko studied in depth the ancient art of finger yoga, and finally wrote it into a book-“HealingMudras-Yoga for Your Hand”, which was translated into 14 languages and sold all over the world.

“Mudra, three minutes a day, will bring you health, wealth, success and happiness.