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Ten foods that older people are not suitable for eating

Ten foods that older people are not suitable for eating

A family like a treasure.

However, the daily care of the elderly is also a problem. How should the elderly care in their daily lives?

What food is the old man can’t eat?

  First, the taste of the fried old people is obviously reduced, and they like to eat fried and delicious food.

However, such foods contain a small amount of trace substances, which are high in one dose and result in a higher amount of food. The reconstituted tract is unbearable, prone to dyspepsia, and can easily induce gallbladder, diabetes, or relapse of such diseases.

In addition, the heat generated by fried foods, the elderly often eat can lead to excess heat in the body, causing obesity, which is not good for health.

In particular, it should be noted that eating fried foods can increase the risk of cancer, because the oil used in many times contains too much carcinogen.

The frying fritters are usually filled with a certain amount of alum, and the alum contains a large amount of aluminum. If the elderly often eat fritters, the aluminum will accumulate in the body, which is harmful to the intelligence and bones of the elderly.

Studies have confirmed that the accumulation of aluminum in the body has a causal relationship with senile dementia and osteoporosis.

  Second, smoked foods can produce certain carcinogens during the smoking process.

Older people are more likely to develop cancer than the average person. If you eat smoked food regularly, it will increase the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer.

The carcinogenic effect of smoked foods is mainly caused by the large amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contaminated by foods (in terms of cedar leaves, sawdust, carbon fire, coal fire, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas).

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a carcinogenic chemical.

If you can use the far infrared oven to bake food, it will increase safety.

  Third, pickled pickled foods generally have high salt content, low vitamin content (vitamin C is mainly destroyed in the curing process), not long-term drinking and regular consumption.

In particular, some pickled foods produced by food processing plants with poor sanitation facilities are easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms, have long-term resistance to weakening, and often eat various foods, which are likely to cause digestive tract diseases.

  4. Sauce products include soy sauce, miso and various pickles. They are generally high in salt content. For example, such foods are often placed on the table of the elderly, and often cause unintentional exposure to excessive amounts of salt.Aggravating the burden of cardiovascular and kidney is very detrimental to the health of the elderly.

  Five, chilled in the hot summer, many families often drink iced drinks and eat iced food.

However, after the cold food enters the stomach, it will cause the secretion of gastric juice to drop, which may cause urinary tract diseases, and even induce cardiac cramps and myocardial infarction, which is especially disadvantageous for elderly patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, it is not advisable for the elderly to drink more or drink cold drinks and eat cold foods.

  Sixth, sweets and sweets have high sugar content, and the elderly like to eat more, but the sugar intake is too high, which can cause too many elderly people (excess sugar can be converted into a baby in the body), and can cause blood lipids to increase,Older people with atherosclerosis and diabetes are particularly disadvantaged.

Excessive intake of sugar may cause mineral deficiency.

  Seven, animal visceral brain, liver, kidney and other high cholesterol, elderly people often eat, will lead to increased blood cholesterol, but also easy to raise blood lipids, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease and diabetes in the elderlyPeople can’t eat especially.

  Eight, animal blood Many elderly people like to eat animal blood (pig, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, etc.), but animal blood contains high cholesterol, the elderly can not eat often, but can occasionally eat once or twice, one time is not appropriateexcessive.

  Nine, convenient food Many elderly people are convenient, often eat instant noodles, cakes, oil tea noodles and other convenience foods.

As everyone knows, these foods contain vitamins and other nutrients. If they are eaten as staple foods, they are prone to vitamin deficiency, which is very unfavorable to the health of the elderly.

  Ten, expired foods The elderly have the habit of storing food and can not eat, people often give them all kinds of canned food and cakes, etc., this is quite a lot of elderly people often eat expired food.

Because the food is stored for too long, it will develop mildew and produce various harmful substances, which may cause food poisoning or carcinogenesis.

Therefore, the elderly must change the habit of storing food for a long time. Children or relatives and friends should also pay attention to the fact that the food should not be too much for each time to avoid backlog.