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Watch out for healthy killers in white-collar women’s clothing

Watch out for healthy killers in white-collar women’s clothing

White-collar dresses are generally more formal, high heels, tights, stockings, etc. These are healthy killers. What is going on?

  Hitman 1: Tight underwear Many girls who are clerks in the office like to use the kind of tight underwear that is nicknamed “bird cage”.

Indeed, the effect of wearing such a corset is unique, and it is easy for you to have a bumpy figure.

However, have you experienced regular dizziness, difficulty breathing, chest tightness and sore legs in the afternoon?

This may be the problem that you wear underwear with strong corset effect for a long time, and put too much pressure on your body.

  In addition to tight waistbands or bodysuits, in addition to causing hypoxia, blood circulation in the lower limbs becomes less smooth.

Moreover, the flesh that originally controlled it by itself would become inert, lose its original elasticity, and begin to loosen.

What’s more serious is that some of the hard edges on the top and bottom of the underwear have worn off the tender skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear the best to wear. In addition, regular exercise is the best way to maintain skin elasticity.

  Hitman 2: The problem of high heels and high heels Many women have deep experience, some have been stomped, some have been frayed, and some have their toes turned out.

But one of the women can really leave high heels?

  From the perspective of medical analysis of high heels, the problem is that the pressure on the soles of the feet during long-term wear penetrates and easily fatigues.

In order to maintain the balance of the body, the contraction of the joints is also reduced, so it is easy to be injured.

  Therefore, it is no problem to wear high heels. It is important not to wear it when you need to be continuous or walking for a long time, and stay away from the high and pointed “dangerous goods”.

  Killer 3: Into the Stockings-In the winter, many girls find it easy to itch on their legs and increase dandruff, which actually has a lot to do with their love to wear pantyhose instead of relatively bloated panties.

  Wearing stockings made of elastic fibers such as nylon for a long time will affect the normal breathing of the skin on the legs, making the skin dark, dry, and dandruff.

  To eliminate these problems, after bathing and daily moisturizing work is very important. In addition to choosing an emollient that suits your skin’s dryness, the time to wear stockings should be relatively reduced, and then, with cotton underwearCan improve skin dryness.

  Hitman 4: Women with contact lenses in the office wear contact lenses to maintain their beautiful appearance if they are short-sighted.

But contact lenses are very problematic because they are too close to our most precious eyes.

Too many people have dry, astringent eyes, eye pain and redness when they work until the afternoon.

  This is because the eyes also have to breathe, and contact lenses restrict the self-cleaning and breathing of the eyes, which can cause eye discomfort when the eyes are enlarged.

So be sure to regularly remove the protein deposits on the lenses in strict accordance with the cleaning method of contact lenses, remove it after work, and don’t wear it continuously for more than 12 hours.

In addition, prepare a set of potion, lens case, and framed glasses in the office. Remove contact lenses whenever you feel unwell.

Also prepare eye protection potions to use at any time, but don’t be too troublesome.