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The easiest mistake to feed your baby


The easiest mistake to feed your baby

Mothers know that breast milk is the best choice for their babies, but some mothers may have to choose milk powder for their babies because of their own conditions.

The three most common mistakes for feeding your baby milk, let’s take a look.

  First, the fresher everything is better, so it is better to give the baby fresh milk than formula.

  Experts’ explanation: After the baby cuts off breast milk, some mummy directly start to drink fresh milk to the baby, which is actually very detrimental to the baby’s health: 1.

Infants and young children’s hypertension, kidneys, and other phylogenetic systems are still immature. Drinking fresh milk to infants will cause a lot of harm. First, the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in fresh milk will vary. Higher levels of phosphorus will affect the absorption of calcium.Casein is easy to coagulate into lumps after encountering gastric acid, and is not easily absorbed by the nitric acid tract.


The lactose in fresh milk is mainly alpha-lactose, which can inhibit bifidobacteria and promote the production of E. coli, which is easy to cause fever in infants.

At the same time, the minerals in fresh milk will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing the baby to suffer from chronic dehydration, dry stool, and fire.


The aunt in fresh milk is mainly weak in animals, which can stimulate the baby’s weak episodes, cause chronic hidden blood loss, cause anemia, and the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids required for brain development in fresh milk is not conducive to the development of the baby’s brain.

As a reminder, if the formula allows, you can always drink the formula, just pay attention to choosing formula suitable for infant age.

  Second, buy formula milk for babies to buy expensive, because the more expensive milk powder is, the better the experts make mistakes: If you carefully study the formula scores of various milk powders, it will be easy to find that, from the perspective of formula,The nutritional ingredients are just those, and the prices of similar products should not be much different.

  However, some milk powder manufacturing companies will use the consumption mentality of moms to deliberately speculate on prices, so moms must keep their eyes open when choosing.

In fact, imported milk powder is relatively expensive, but it does not mean that their quality will certainly have the same domestic milk powder.

The reason why imported milk powder is expensive is because it has to share the costs and tariffs of sales, transportation, and opening markets in different places. Domestic milk powder is based on national conditions, people’s living standards, and the price of various foods, and it continues the previous national unified pricing.The price is relatively constant.

  Third, when choosing milk powder, the most important thing is to pay special attention to the nutritional content of the explanation than the experts to make mistakes: don’t pay too much attention to how much nutritional content the milk powder contains.

At present, the formulas on the market, whether domestic or imported, as long as they replace infants within one year of age, the nutritional content contained in various types of milk powder is basically close to that of breast milk.

  Although some brands of milk powder have fortified certain nutrients, for infants, the added nutrients have not had any effect on them.

Because, in addition to drinking milk, infants over 6 months also need to eat complementary foods, and many nutrients can be supplemented in complementary foods.

It can be seen that parents do not have to choose carefully just to achieve two nutritional ingredients when buying. It is more important to choose formula milk powders produced by reliable manufacturers for babies.

  Furthermore, most of the milk powder from overseas is designed according to the physical characteristics of Westerners, and the formula has not reached the local level.

Although some ingredients are leading, they may not be suitable for the constitution of Chinese babies.