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Walking for half an hour every day can extend life

Walking for half an hour every day can extend life

“Why go?

“Walk around!”

“In everyday life, people often say this when they say hello.

In fact, don’t underestimate the simple “walk around”. According to research, walking half an hour a day is good for the heart and increases our average life span by 3 years.

  The researchers conducted a 40-year study of residents in the suburbs of Boston, USA.

It turns out that people who exercise every day rarely suffer from heart disease in the last few years of their lives. People who walk 30 minutes a week, walk 5 days or more a week, have better heart function.

  The researchers said that the amount of exercise is moderate, and I feel happy, so the effect of walking is also very significant.

  ”Changda really can promote the role of physical fitness.

“Zhao Zhixin, a national-level social sports instructor, said that walking, especially striding, can enhance cardiopulmonary function, increase joint strength, exercise muscle strength, eliminate tension, and control weight.

  Seniors striding for more than 45 minutes 3 days a week can help maintain better cognitive function and prevent dementia.

Walking also helps lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

When walking, raise your head and chest, raise your shoulders, and make great strides forward. It can naturally straighten your back muscles and scapular muscles, improve waist, shoulder, and head pain.

  In addition, frequent walks can also improve the correction of the autonomic nervous system in the body, making the switching of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves more flexible, eliminating stress, improving sleep, enhancing self-confidence, and making people more optimistic.

  Zhao Zhixin pointed out that strolling must first be timed.

“Many people exercise randomly. They go for a walk in the morning when they have time, and take a walk in the evening when they are fine.

This irregular and irregular exercise makes it difficult for the body to remember it.

The best exercise time is from 3 pm to 9 pm.

  So it is best to choose a fixed time during this period and go out for a walk.

“Second, we need to quantify.

The so-called quantitative is to determine an amount of exercise, walking a fixed distance or time every day, can not walk 1 km today, 4 km tomorrow, it is difficult to bring accurate exercise stimulation to the body.

  Again, there must be a certain frequency rhythm.

“For example, you can walk while singing and find a fixed rhythm. It will be better to walk.