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4 kinds of foods should not be given to baby

4 kinds of foods should not be given to baby

Some food baby likes to eat, or mommy thinks it is very nutritious, but these foods should not be given too much to the baby, otherwise it will affect the healthy growth of the baby, mommy should pay attention to mastering 呦!

  1. Preserved eggs Preserved eggs have a special flavor, so don’t have a flavor, some babies like it very much.

Mommy thinks that preserved eggs are made from eggs, which are both nutritious and taste good for babies, so they often appear on the table at home.

  However, preserved eggs are not suitable for babies to eat more. Excessive consumption will damage the baby’s health and affect growth and development.

Because preserved eggs are processed in the process of pickling, some of its ingredients contain lead oxide or salt lead, so the amount of lead in preserved eggs is many times higher than that of fresh eggs.

Lead has a toxic effect on the nervous system, hematopoietic system, and digestive system of the human body. Baby is more sensitive to lead and its absorption rate is much higher than that of adults.

In particular, because the baby’s brain tissue and nervous system are not yet mature, they are more vulnerable to lead damage, which affects intellectual development.

  2. Animal livers Animal livers are rich in nutrition and are the best products of iron supplements and vitamin A, so many moms often like it and arrange it in baby’s recipes.

The study found that although the animal’s liver is rich in nutrition, because the liver is the largest detoxification organ and a “large biochemical factory”, the content of toxic substances and gas chemicals in the animal’s liver is better than that in the muscleTimes.
If you give your baby too much, it will precipitate your baby’s health.

In addition, vitamin A in animal liver cancer, vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, too much toleration can accumulate in the body, thereby causing discomfort.

  3, yogurt Yogurt tastes sour and sweet, so some babies like to drink yogurt, formula milk does not like to drink.

Many people think that yogurt is also made from milk, which is no different from the nutrition of formula milk. Drink what you like, so replace yogurt with yogurt.

  However, although yogurt is made from fresh full-time raw milk as a raw material and fermented by lactic acid bacteria, vitamin A has a small amount of protein and calcium, but it is more easily digested and absorbed by the body, but it does not reach the formulaThe nutritional level of milk does not meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children.

In addition, drinking too much yoghurt, and absorbing too much lactic acid bacteria, may cause bacterial imbalances, affecting normal digestion and absorption, and prematurely drinking yoghurt to your baby can easily become a substitute for sweets.

  4. Spinach Spinach placed on the vegetable market meets the favor of many moms. Some people think that spinach has high iron content and is the best vegetable to give blood to the baby. It is eaten by the baby almost every day.

  In fact, research analysis found that the iron content of spinach is not so high. The iron content per 100 grams of spinach is lower than that of pakchoi, Chinese cabbage, green pepper, mustard, and celery.

In addition, spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid. After entering the human body, it easily meets calcium in the gastrointestinal tract and solidifies to form calcium oxalate, which is difficult to dissolve and absorb. Therefore, eating too much spinach can easily cause the baby to lack calcium, which will affect the absorption of zinc., Is not conducive to baby bones and teeth development.