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Invest in beauty this summer, find the most IN key points_1

Invest in beauty this summer to pinpoint the most in key points

I saw a message that day that many white-collar workers may have their year-end bonuses cut in half this year.

The news was so frustrating that we had to start clenching our pockets.

Do we have to cut back on investing in beauty?

Not necessarily. At this time, the most accurate choice is needed. In all areas of the beauty industry, we must find the right focus before we can shoot.

  Products that have enough word of mouth or are sold out of stock need to go through the long-term test of the market, obtain a good reputation, have a stable customer base, or word of mouth in the circle of friends, and can be ranked first in the sales list of the mall.Often happen.

In daily care, if you put your eyes on such products, you can’t go wrong.

  Anti-aging products are not so moisturizing. 1, Guerlain Hydrating Youth Energy Essence is 1,650 yuan. It is the first long-acting anti-aging moisturizing product. Since its introduction in 1987, it has been sitting on a stable and growing loyal consumer group.One bottle is sold every two minutes.

With more than 20 years of glorious history, the sales performance of similar products has always been high. Now it is updated again and upgraded. While maintaining the traditional advantages of this product, it has added more high-tech anti-aging moisturizing ingredients to keep the skinVery moist all day.

With the long history of the past and the analysis of newly added technical means, even the price is a bit expensive, but it is still very worthwhile.

  New titanium doubles as a massage at Ruler 2, Clarins Complete Slimming Cream 420 yuan This slimming product has undergone four generations of upgrades, and now welcomes the fifth generation. In the fifth generation of complete slimming cream, the radish flower is used.Help break through the stubborn protein barrier around exceptional cells, and use ingredients such as horse chestnut to improve caffeine absorption. Together with the unique “red magic crystal” particles that promote massage absorption and metabolic cycle, we will push slimming technology to a whole new level.

The most worth mentioning is that many people don’t know how long massage can make the slimming products work best. The red magic crystal in it can give you the answer. When it is completely absorbed, the massage is full and the cool touch is super.Suitable for summer use.

  The most common things in the star bag 3, Biotherm deep-sea source whitening cream 420 yuan Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star products, is the favorite of many stars, known as the best selling isolation products in the city, have interviewed several stars, recommendedThe product is mentioned occasionally.

They always evaluate it like this: it is very moisturizing but not greasy, and pores can breathe in summer; the concealing effect is very good, but the color is natural and it can make the skin look translucent; it is safe and can be used for sensitive skin.

  A bottle of oil takes care of the whole body for four seasons. NUXE magical care oil 380 yuan.

Look at the function of this bottle of oil. It can be used on the face, body, and hair. It is suitable for all seasons. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. It combines moisturizing and repairing skin and hair.

In other words, you can do everything with just one bottle!

Travel is the most space-saving.

Such a powerful function, it has almost no segmentation among similar products. Since its listing, the sales have been strong and the prospects are great!

  The key points of this summer’s limited edition don’t underestimate its added value. These limited-edition products this summer condensed the most trendy trend of this season, the biggest attractions, the highest popularity, and may become the classic products of the future. Once launched, they will be immediately sold.

They have a short sales period, a limited number, a high collection value, and a strong sense of fashion, so when you shoot, do n’t just look at whether they are wearing gorgeous clothes. Consider more about its added value.
  There are eyeliners that can be used as painted pens!

  1, MAKE UP FOR EVER waterproof eyeliner-25th anniversary limited set 462 yuan MAKE UP FOR EVER 25th anniversary, launched a limited edition of five mini limited eyeliners.

The art-filled box and the small and cute eyeliner inside make it look interesting.

In addition to its eye-catching appearance, this eyeliner has a super easy-to-use quality that has also gathered popularity.

Whether it is seawater, tears or rubbing, it can be well maintained; the effect of the painting is very delicate, and it can be smudged for smokey use when it is not dry, and can also be used for painting on the body.

  Don’t drop this bottle!

  2. An Yemeng Yangzi Limited Edition Cleansing Oil 450 Yuan Anyemeng Yangzi is a well-known Japanese cartoonist. Many of her works have been put on the screen, and she has many fans in Japan and China.

At the same time, she is also a beauty madman, sharing her beauty experience in many magazines.

This time, in cooperation with Shu Uemura, five limited-edition cleansing oils designed with five main characters of comic characters are exquisite and beautiful. They are also designed by famous artists, and they are bound to become the target of many comic fans.

At the same time, this double cleansing oil can be used as a makeup remover, adding whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing and other functions. This summer, it has become a popular king in makeup removers.

  It is also unique as a necklace pendant!

  3, Guerlain Tyrok Eyeliner (Blue Lagoon) has a unique shape of 290 yuan, which looks like a magic curse of energy and a jewelry hanging on the chest, which makes people want to pick it up and play with it.

It is a limited edition product this year. Ocean blue is full of the fashion flavor of this season. In its blue, there is a slight pearly light, like a little star glow on the ocean, which makes the eyes deeper.

There is also a unique eye shadow stick design, which can be easily drawn on the eyelashes just by lightly touching the eyelashes twice.

Passing by it, it is difficult not to be attracted to it, owning it is not only a fashion this summer, but also a good collection.

  The key point of this year’s anti-ageing technology is to reverse the age. Although there are many kinds of products and the obscure language of science and technology is dazzling, relying on high technology can make us feel confident.

Anti-aging products have appeared one after another this year, and they have risen to the part of genetic anti-aging. We must let our emotions change with each passing day.

They each spoke out: “Not only can it repair the growing cells and slow down the aging, but they can also restore the cells to a healthy young state!”There is no doubt that with these high-tech products, the skin can return to age!

  1. Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Run Essence is a new, unpriced skin care product that no longer stays on the skin’s surface layer, but is advancing to human genetics and began to study the prevention of skin aging from cell DNA.

The trend of researching DNA is particularly obvious this year, and many brands are moving into this area.

Estee Lauder is an initial brand for preventing DNA repair. The new instant repair special moisturizing serum can instantly repair damaged cells, care for previously damaged skin, and prevent future DNA damage.Sigh, the development of science and technology has made our skin and youth no longer a dream.

  2, CHANEL Perfect Repair Tightening Essence 1340 yuan. The concept related to architecture originally influenced the clothing industry. Later, we also saw architecture-inspired designs on the hair.

Today, the architectural concept is dating the skin care industry, and it is bound to bring brand-new technological innovation.

Chanel put forward the concept of “tensioning the complete structure”. This once architectural concept is now applied to the research of skin anti-aging.

Our skin, like a building, is supported by a structure full of tension, with stability and firmness, and age destroys the original structure of the skin.

What we have to do to combat anti-aging is to rebuild the structure of the skin and provide an “architect” for the skin.

  3, Talika Zhiyan balanced vitality emulsion 395 yuan continues to adopt technology. In order to meet people’s increasingly high requirements for skin care, many brands set out to explore unknown or extreme areas, to explore those that are not felt by people,Creature with super vitality, such as unmanned desert or unpredictable ocean.

This lotion contains an enzyme ingredient. The depth of the Pacific Ocean, known as the “black bottom chimney”, reaches a depth of 2,000 to 4,000 meters. There are many unknown creatures living here, and it also contains the magical power to resist aging.

The use of high-tech methods to integrate these minerals from extreme environments into daily skin care has become a new research direction adopted by many skin care products.

  4. PhD

Brandt’s laser water-tightening firming milk 1600 yuan medical beauty is sweeping the skin care industry, bringing a lot of impact to skin care brands.

Many brands have also developed new technologies one after another, surpassing the beauty of medical treatment and beauty, which has become a new development trend in the skin care industry.

The future development prospects and market potential of various types of skin care products are widely optimistic, which is a new direction for your beautiful investment.

As a senior brand in medical aesthetics, Dr.

Brandt has considerable participation in the medical aesthetics industry and has been respected by many Hollywood stars.

The laser simulation microscopy technology in this bottle is exactly the same as laser simulation, which can introduce moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients into the deep layer of the skin, so that daily maintenance can achieve the effect of laser surgery, so we feel like having specialized dermatologist-level care at home.