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Private placement on the market-technology stocks are again sought after in mid-February to start a big double market

Private placement on the market: technology stocks are again sought after mid-February to start a big double market
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Source: In the first week after the financial investment report, the A-share market began to fluctuate.The Shanghai Composite Index, the small and medium-sized board index, fell by 3 each week.38%, 0.62%, GEM Index rose 4.57%.Private equity people expect that the short-term shock bottoming process may continue, and investors need to pay attention to controlling their positions.  Yuming (Private Equity Fund Manager): Do n’t blindly chase the high and fall. Expect the stocks that have risen too much to stagnate again. You can look for opportunities to make a profit; patiently hold low accumulation for a long time or have just started.Variety, risk and opportunity coexist forever.  The index ushered in a wide range of shocks, but the market’s center of gravity was raised, that is, the low point was moved up, which is very important.It is impossible for the market to keep on going. Unsettling and profit-taking will inevitably lead to adjustments, but under strong and repairing trends, adjustments are digested through time without disrupting the trend. It is sufficient to clarify this factor.After a wave of turbulence in the early morning on Friday, the index quickly rose again. Many of the previous ones recovered slowly and accelerated. Similar logistics, textile, and technology are typical. This is the stage characteristic.The increase, Tesla, anti-virus and other differentiation, finishing; the decline, began to accelerate the rebound.Understand the trend of repair and understand why there is adjustment and reorganization, then there is nothing terrible, this is the characteristic of this stage.  In this wave of diving near midday on Friday, what varieties saw the lead?Corruption such as Lu Kang Medicine or the recent surge in pharmaceutical stocks after the market opened. This is also consistent with the previous analysis. Tesla and Pharmaceuticals are the two largest gainers in the recent past. They also have the most profitable disks, and are naturally the most restless and easiest.It triggers diving, especially the chips that are most likely to follow the dive, and trigger adjustment.But some rebounds are repaired slowly, but the adjustment pressure is small, and there are more opportunities to make up.  After three consecutive days of strong rebounds, the stock index oscillated after the surge, and the fund with a low guts bottomed out for two days to make a profit of nearly 20%. Therefore, there was selling pressure on the market on Friday, and the stock index was bound to adjust.As expected.It’s important to note that you should not blindly chase the high. If the increase is too large, you can find an opportunity to make a profit once there is a phenomenon of heavy stagnation; patiently holding a product that has been accumulated for a long time or has just started, risks and opportunities coexist forever.  Shareholders often encounter such things. Originally, according to the stock selection system, a good stock selection was carried out, but the growth rate was slow. At this time, there was a huge increase in popular concept stocks. Investors thought that this stock was not up quickly anyway and became popular.Shares, buy them back again, this is not to maximize profits.The result is often that hot stocks chase after rising, and the original stocks also rise, and nothing is obtained. This is the typical maximum profit trap.Shareholders are naturally inclined to profiteering and excess profits. No matter what operating system is used, the basic model is similar. It is a game of risk-reward ratio. It requires game profit within a controllable range. Most of the time it is the average profit of the game system model.When you are lucky, you will have excess profits, but only in the market will you have a long time to accumulate profits (that is, the compound interest effect).Therefore, stick to the model rather than maximize the game.From the perspective of profit, to be able to judge the market direction or the operating trend of the sector, it is enough to buy the corresponding index type to obtain average returns; but investors are inherently betting that their stocks must be able to outperform the general trend.Including many times, two stocks, we always bet on one, I think this kind of profit rate is high, but the average distribution of positions, or proportional distribution, the average profit is more reliable.  Li Shiyu (General Manager of Guangdong Xiaoyu Investment): After the short-term or shocked adjustment, the current market does not fully return to the previous bull market environment and pattern, and the market outlook will still see the “ice-fire dual-sky” sector differentiation.Trend, in operation still need to control the position.  Last week, we pointed out that the market will replicate the trend after May 1 last year, that is, the market will probably fall into place in one step, and then it will rebound after a short-term sharp decline. After the rebound, it will maintain a box shock in the index.However, the market’s sell-off within this week was completed after opening lower on Monday and Tuesday morning, and then the index started an empty retaliatory rebound, and it continued to rebound until it closed on Friday.This, just like the previous market crash, exceeded almost everyone’s surprise.  Will it fall again next week?We think so.It was judged before that, because the major institutions did not significantly reduce their positions before the holiday, the post-holiday plunged, then the institutions are like everyone, and no one can run away.Therefore, the organization can only start a self-rescue rebound after the plunge and after everyone’s panic has been released.Judging from the current effect, the self-rescue rebound market is extremely effective, and more and more people think that the rhythm and forced shortness of returning to the bull market have risen.  However, after a rational analysis, we believe that the current market has not fully returned to the previous bull market environment and pattern.Therefore, everyone still needs to control the position in operation. The cautious ones are currently 40% to 50%, the aggressive ones are 70% to 80%; and those institutions will definitely begin to lighten up and adjust the position structure after the short-term retaliatory rebound.For example, if the position is too heavy, some positions will be deducted, and some institutions that have been severely affected by the disease will be “abandoned” ruthlessly after the rebound, and those institutions that have been affected by the epidemic will be destroyed.”Flocking up” to go to add positions.Therefore, the market outlook will still see the trend of “ice and fire dual” plate differentiation.That is, the market outlook is still a partial bull market.  From a technical point of view, the current “bull trend” of the GEM index is still going smoothly, and it has not encountered the blow of this epidemic event and has broken its technology.Shenzhen Chengzhi refers to this side. Although the technical graphics of this week have been restored, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic event, the market still has to retain it after observing the last trading day at the end of February.Towards “whether it has been damaged; as for the Shanghai Index, the market’s index K-line chart has fallen below the annual bull-bear dividing line”, and the bull market pattern has been destroyed.  Therefore, the market’s three major index patterns once again appear contradictory.For example, the ChiNext Index continued to present a bullish trend and technical pattern, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index once again fell into a “bear market floor” in a volatile market.So, how to look at the current market differences and formulate a response strategy for the market outlook?This is as we focused on after the National Day last year. Since the market’s GEM market has gone alone, it is recommended that you gradually deal with more than 300, and supplemented by the science and technology board market and 002 and a fewThe stocks starting with 000 are mainly the same as the Shanghai Stock Index, which is the core blue chip stock of core assets in the market in 2016 and 2017.In those two years, as long as the 50 stocks of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 are covered and operated, they are not in a bull market, but they can still earn a bull market.  Although there was a retaliatory rebound in the second half of the week, this does not mean that the market outlook can continue to run wild and continue to force empty growth.On the contrary, after consuming a lot of rebound and long sentiment and strength, the market will always start to fluctuate or even sell off next week. For example, this Friday, the concept of the Internet celebrity stocks that had risen strongly before, andThe medical concept stocks stimulated by the epidemic event a few days ago have been killed after crazy hype.  Therefore, the market does not have stocks that only rise but not fall, such as Dongfang Telecom, Shunyu, Hudian, and recent ramblers, Gravity Media, Saturday and so on.After the event has reached its extreme, the market trend will inevitably reverse.Therefore, it is recommended that you need to conduct a deep fundamental analysis of your holdings on the weekends; if it continues to be optimistic about the long-term, 深圳桑拿网 then there will no longer be high-level fluctuations after the short-term rally, and there is no need to because of short-term rich profitsAnd sold out; while stocks that continue to rise, such as cloud computing, integrated circuits, semiconductors and chips, can continue to hold their stocks to enjoy their main rising waves, with the short-term trend not breaking the 10-day moving average.; For those holding unpopular stocks, we must insist on the implementation of the stock exchange strategy.  Chen Zhiping (well-known private equity): After the shock of the big double market opening in mid-to-February, the bull market will be launched around mid-February.After this plunge, a large number of high-quality technology and electronics consumer companies have long-term investment value.  Affected by the epidemic, the Shanghai Stock Exchange closed down nearly 7 on February 3.72%; the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 8%; the GEM Index fell nearly 7%, with more than 3,000 stocks falling to the limit.However, after the plunge, the probability of a strong rebound after the broader market has stopped falling is very high.Since the two major Yinxian lines of the Shanghai Index have completely destroyed the previous head and shoulders pattern, the popularity and technical pattern of the broader market must be repaired.The previous period is not enough to affect the long-term “slow bull” trend of A shares, but we need to grasp the strategy of multiple operations.  Academician Zhong Nanshan told the media two days ago: “We judge that the epidemic situation will peak in the next 10 days to about two weeks (Jin Qilin analyst).”Main evidence: The number of basic infections of the new coronavirus is significantly larger than that of SARS, but the probability of infection in a single contact may be slightly lower, without panic.The analysis shows that the higher R0 of the new coronavirus may be due to the fact that there are more infectious and mild patients at the end of the incubation period. Because the symptoms are not obvious at the end of the incubation period and the mild patients, they will not go to the hospital in time or limit their activities.Time (infectious period).The probability of infection in a single exposure may be slightly lower than SARS.It can be seen that long incubation period and mild patients increase the severity of epidemic prevention and control, and it is probably the most effective prevention and control measure to take early, more complete, and stricter isolation of contacts of cases.The severity and lethality of the new coronavirus is lower than SARS, avian influenza, H1N1, etc. Due to the long incubation period and the incidence of mild patients, further strict isolation and control measures are needed to control the spread of the epidemic. The recent epidemic will have a significant impact on the short-term economy.But the mid- to long-term impact is limited.Judging from the performance of the US H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and the performance of US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A stocks during the SARS period in 2003, during the rapid spread of the epidemic, the stock market will adjust significantly, but the magnitude will not be large and often before the epidemic situation improvesBe the first to hit the bottom.  Therefore, after comprehensive analysis of technical aspects and popularity, the epidemic situation improved after about mid-February, and the market changed from panic mood to improvement.Combining technical aspects, I still adhere to the previous point of view. After a period of turbulence in the broader market, the bull market will be launched after about mid-February.After this plunge, a large number of high-quality technology and electronics consumer companies have a dynamic P / E ratio of just over ten times, which has long-term investment value.Remember what Buffett mentioned?When others panic, we need to be optimistic.