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Soap is easy to breed bacteria

Soap is easy to breed bacteria

Although the fitness of the kitchen is not strong, it can effectively stretch your whole body and eliminate fatigue. In addition, combining the fitness of the kitchen with the washing and cooking can both keep your body shape and increase the fun of cooking.


Tiptoe exercise area: This action of the leg can be used in many times, such as washing your dishes or vegetables to make your legs slightly harder, lift your toes, inhale, lift, exhale, and lower.

Do 5 sets of 10 times each.

This will lengthen the calf muscles and reduce long-term previous fatigue.


One-legged legs exercise part: The legs are single-legged in the kitchen. You can also do this when you are working. For example, when you are chopping vegetables, put your whole body weight on one leg, take a step on the other leg side, your toes are on the ground, and your legs are hard.Straighten, lift to the side, hold for 20 seconds, change to the other side.


Front and back lower back exercise area: The waist is at the side of the sink. Because the line is longer when it is longer, it causes your waist muscles to feel tired. So when you finish working at the side of the sink, keep your feet apart and shoulder-width apart from the pool.With a large distance, hold your hands by the edge of the pool, slowly lower your waist, stretch your hips and waist muscles, and press down 5 times.


Squat exercise area: The waist and thighs can be designed in the kitchen so that you must get down to get the cooking utensils. When squatting, your legs should be close together and the upper part of the waist should be straightened.


Push-up exercise part: The soup cooked by the arm is not good. Take a step back, put your hands on the refrigerator or table, bend your arms, stretch your legs straight, and let your upper body slowly approach the refrigerator or table.

Generally, you can do 15 push-ups in this kitchen every time you cook.


Rotate the waist to exercise the part: let the waist exercise one’s waist while washing dishes or vegetables, do not put the washed things nearby, or even keep your feet in place. Use the strength of the waist to turn the waist and washPlace the items behind you.


Neck turn exercise part: The part uses the gap between cooking and waiting. Stand on the side of the pot and insert it into the shoulder. The head turns around to the left and right.

Muscles are unavoidably tense when operating in a selfless manner, so be active at any time.


Side bending exercise area: Do a side bending in the kitchen in the space where you need to wait for a long time, such as making coffee, soup, or baking pastries.

Although this kind of movement is not big, it can stretch the whole body very effectively.


Arm contraction exercise part: When picking spices or cooking utensils in a higher position, don’t take carelessly. In fact, this is a good opportunity for you to exercise. Step on the arm and pass it to your fingertips.Firm leg, tiptoe.