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Try damp Poria medicated diet in spring

Try damp Poria medicated diet in spring

Among many Chinese herbal medicines, there are too many naturals with dehumidifying effect, and among them, the popular diners have become the outstanding leader.

This kind of short and clumsy tubers that grow in the shade of bushes or hillsides have some advantages in detoxification and dehumidification. In addition, it also helps people to strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve joints, and cure malignant sores.Can’t be underestimated.

  The sweet-smooth plain Poria is mostly used for soup, but the mix is very particular.

In Guangdong, Poria cocos has become one of the most common soups. It is chosen to match with different ingredients in different seasons, and in spring it exerts its best effect of dehumidifying.

  The recommended way of eating Poria cocos: Qushi soup Poria cocos water snake soup To make the soup’s sweetness, the first thing to consider is how to remove the fishy odor.

Plus lean meat, carrots, corn, dates, etc. as supplementary ingredients.

You can refresh, while the second can ignore fishy.

In addition, it takes several hours to cook the Poria cocos.

  In order to enrich its taste, you can also replace the water snake with an old hen, or put it in a scorpion and cook it together.

  The Qushi soup earthen tortoise pot is the same as the earth tortoise water snake soup. In addition to ginger to remove fishy smell, the soup also needs to be peeled and lean.

The method is not difficult. Clean the tortoise, chop the pieces, and put it in a clay pot together with Poria, Chenpi, and Ginger, and cook for about two hours, then add salt to season.

  In order to enhance its detoxifying effect, you can also choose to add other ingredients, such as scorpion. In addition to enhancing the effect of active dehumidification, swelling and detoxification, its taste is not prominent, and the overall effect of soup color will not be destroyed.