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After the bath, the towel is the culprit of dry skin.

After the bath, the towel is the culprit of dry skin.

What is the skin of your body, is there such a phenomenon?

Do you know why?

Let us work together to find out the culprit of dryness.

  Culprit 1: The temperature of the bathing water is too high.

The water temperature is 40 silver when bathing.

Excess water temperature will take away the natural oils on the skin and make the skin dry.

  Culprit 2: Towels after bathing are the culprit.

After the bath, people are mostly used to wipe the body with a towel, which will not only damage the skin, but also take away the water from the body.

The correct way is to gently pat the body’s moisture, and apply a moisturizer when the skin is in a slightly damp state.

  Culprit 3: Air conditioning.

This is the expected cause of the skin.

If the temperature of the air conditioner is too high, it will absorb the moisture in the indoor air, and the amount of human skin will decrease.

  Culprit 4: Over-maintenance.

The dry climate in winter will cause the loss of skin moisture, but many MM still like to spray water on the skin. As everyone knows, this will be reversed by the cold wind and air conditioning, which will make the skin drier and even cause cracks.

  In fact, in winter, due to the reduced frequency of bathing, the body’s dead skin will increase. At this time, many MMs like to use excessively remove the dead skin with a scrub or a bath towel.

The effect produced can only hurt the skin.

  Culprit 5: When winter comes, the air humidity decreases with temperature.

Regardless of the north and south of the river, indoors, the degree of dryness of buildings has been greatly improved.

According to the data, the indoor air humidity at this time can only bring 1/3 of the human body feeling comfortable.

  Culprit 6: The sebum secretion of the skin is reduced in winter, and the skin tends to become dry.

It is prone to skin itching, cracking and so on.