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Life needs equality is not pity

Life needs equality is not pity

The boy Xiaokai always reacted very slowly, and everyone looked down on him.

The friends are either away from each other, or they are attacked, and no one is willing to play with him sincerely.

Later, a very beautiful little girl joined in.

  When the little girl discovered Xiaokai, he could always play with him, and he was quiet and did not make a sound.

The partners told the little girl that he was a fool, he didn’t understand anything, and he would do whatever he asked him to do.

The little girl moved her heart and asked her friends to go to Xiaokai.

At first Xiaokai did not care about her intervention, the little girl was not discouraged, and continued to talk to him in a whisper.

Days passed, and Xiao Kai finally looked up and confessed to the little girl three words: “Good sister!

“After that, my sister became the name of the little girl in Xiao Kai’s heart.”

He laughed happily with the little girl, happily rolled on the ground, and was happy to do whatever she asked for her good sister.

  Gradually, the little friends grew up. They all know some of the fortunes and misfortunes in their lives. They also know that the way to treat boys Xiaokai was a form of discrimination and error.

Xiaokai has grown up, he is almost a normal person, and his slow response in his childhood has disappeared.

  Once, the little friends of the year gathered inadvertently together. Everyone said that they were equally sorry for Xiaokai. Everyone hoped that Xiaokai could forgive the harm caused by their young and ignorant.

Xiao Kai tolerated each individual with a smile, and told everyone that he was thanking his good sister all his life, that she transplanted the idea of standing with everyone in his young mind.

  Everyone remembered the beautiful little girl that year, but did not know where she is now.

Xiaokai answered the questions of everyone: “A good sister is in the paradise of the garden!”

She was suffering from leukemia at the time and her life would not last more than half a year.

But she taught me everything about life in a month.

Today, I realized that she was willing to start with me without discriminating against me: with you, I got the mercy of being there; and with her, because of the disease she could not cure and my mental disability,I get equal care and communication.

For me at the time, what is most needed is equality, not compassion.

“Everyone is silent.

They seem to begin to understand how ordinary inequality in life is, and how hard it is to get it.

This is often not because we neglect equality, or more often we exaggerate our own merits, deliberately think that we are better than others, and always stubbornly look for other people’s shortcomings to comfort ourselves.

What is truly equal is often because the situation or conditions of the two sides are equal. This may be a real sorrow that cannot be avoided.