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Thinning muscles should avoid 5 major misunderstandings

Thinning muscles should avoid 5 major misunderstandings

It’s the pursuit of many thin men to build a healthy body, but for those who have just stepped into the ranks of fitness, some of the nutrition misunderstandings in fitness are like a reef, just a newcomer to “getting into the water”.If you do not pay attention to avoiding, it is easy to “touch the reef”, not only can not achieve the purpose of bodybuilding muscles, but will damage the health of the body.

  Myth 1: Eating more meat and growing muscles requires excessively redundant raw materials, so many people have this wrong view – “eat more meat and muscle.”

It is true that protein is the raw material for muscle growth. In order to satisfy the growth of muscle, the protein intake needs to reach 1.

6-2 g / kg body weight / day, but if these proteins are obtained by eating meat alone, the “by-product” that comes with it may be extra intake, and eventually the muscles are not long and they have a fat.

Therefore, we must choose the right food to supplement the protein, and choose low-level meat foods in daily diet, such as peeled chicken breast, lean beef, fish and other meat, chicken protein is also a good choice;If the economy allows, you can take some professional protein powder nutrition products to help bodybuilders gain muscle without fat.

  Myth 2: Only heavy training is not heavy nutrition Many bodybuilders are keen to sweat in the gym. When they enter the gym, they can’t wait to bench press, bend. Think that the more strength they practice, the better the muscle gain, but the betterIt often leads to another key factor in muscle building – nutrition.

There is a saying in the bodybuilding world that “the bodybuilding muscles are half-trained and half-eaten”, which is indeed a popular experience summary.

“Learning” refers to the practice of science, and “eat” refers to a reasonable nutritional supplement.

In 1965, the first Olympic Mr. Larry Scott said: “Ninety percent of bodybuilding comes from nutrition.” This sentence makes sense.

Just as people push down a low-rise bungalow and then build a tall building, the muscle gain is a process of destroying and rebuilding and eventually achieving excessive recovery.

There are not enough raw materials to build high-rise buildings, and it is difficult to grow without proper nutritional supplements.

So how to eat is reasonable?

Bodybuilders’ daily recipes can be referenced to this formula. Bodybuilders’ daily recipes can be referenced to this formula: moderate protein foods plus low-fat foods plus high-sugar foods.

  Myth #3: The more protein is supplemented, the better some fitness people mistakenly believe that “Since protein is an important raw material for muscle growth, the more you eat, the more beneficial it is to gain muscle.”

It turns out that this is a beautiful mistake!

The protein requirement of the muscle gainer is indeed more than that of the average person. For the general muscle gainer, the body weight per kilogram per day is 1.

6-2 grams of protein can fully meet the needs, and the excess protein can not be used by the human body.

On the contrary, excessive protein is harmful from a medical point of view, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidney of the human body. Long-term high-protein diet can cause abnormal liver and kidney function; a large amount of protein will produce many toxic wastes during metabolism, resulting in dehydration andAcidification of body fluids causes fatigue to occur early and expands training effects.

  Myth 4: Ignore vegetables, fruit supplements Many people gain muscles often pay attention to supplement enough energy and protein, but for vegetables, fruit supplements are not so understanding, I think these foods have no important effect on muscle growth, but this is exactlyMany bodybuilders have a bad effect on muscle gain.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. When you gain muscles, you will consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t get effective supplements, you will easily cause disturbances in energy and material metabolism, and the body is prone to fatigue.

More importantly, certain vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits, such as boron, zinc and Vc, have the effect of promoting thyroid ketone secretion, while ketone ketone is beneficial for promoting muscle growth. A large number of fruits and vegetables supplement can often increase muscle gain by half the effort.The effect; the lycopene, Vc, Ve, etc. which can be absorbed in vegetables and fruits have a good anti-oxidation effect, can effectively remove excessive oxidizing substances in the body caused by strength training, thereby protecting muscle cells and promoting fatigue recovery.

  Myth 5: Adding meals before going to bed is beneficial to many muscle-enhancing enthusiasts, especially those who are thinner and thicker. In order to make their muscles grow up quickly, they like to add meals before going to bed.

But at the earliest, it will be found that the circumference of your muscles has not changed, and the thickness of the belly is increasing, which makes them very distressed and easy.

In fact, the reason is very simple, eat more before going to bed, the metabolism of the body slows down while sleeping, can not be consumed, will inevitably be converted into hoarding.

What time does the meal help to gain muscle?

First, eat some cakes, bananas and other foods 30 minutes to one hour before each exercise to ensure the energy supply during the exercise; secondly, to seize the “gold” of this nutritional supplement within 30 minutes after each exercisePeriod, this period is the most vigorous period of muscle synthesis, supplementing a two egg or a spoonful of protein powder, which helps to repair the muscles and tissues of the injured and relieve the symptoms such as muscle soreness.