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Magical jelly is wonderfully slimming

Magical jelly is wonderfully slimming

Researchers at the National Institute of Technology in Mexico use Western traditional homeopathic medicines to make edible slimming jelly, which has a certain effect on reducing body weight.

  The researchers of the homeopathic medical school affiliated to the college used lime calcium, graphite and Fucus algae to make homeopathic remedies, and added ordinary jelly powder to make slimming jelly for consumption by patients with excessive disease.

According to the homeopathic pharmacology, lime calcium replaces a few tissues for rapid exercise. Graphite helps to consume excess polysaccharides in the body, while Fucus helps to eliminate excess fat.

  According to reports, this method of making weight loss jelly is extremely simple.

Pour a small bag of jelly powder into one liter of water. When the water temperature reaches 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, add homeopathic medicine, but the water temperature must be strictly controlled, because it is related to the decomposition and dissolution of the drug.

  Preliminary trial results showed that 70 obese patients lost most of their weight after eating this slimming jelly.

The most successful example is someone who loses 12 kilograms of weight within half a year.

  Homeopathy, also known as the same type of therapy, is the so-called “drug attack”.

This therapy has been adopted by the medical profession since the 1960s.