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Hidden dangers caused by obesity

Hidden dangers caused by obesity

Weight loss really makes the fat person slim, light and beautiful. However, there are fourteen reasons why medical experts seem to be more important than this. I believe that after reading it, it will further consolidate the intention and determination to lose weight.

  People with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure will work harder than healthy people.

The heavier the weight, the more likely it is to have high blood pressure.

Even with mild hypertension, before the age of 65, the chance of having a stroke is three times higher than that of a normal blood pressure, so the number of deaths is also one-fold more.

  Diabetes researchers have found that excessive amounts of excess cells require too much insulin to secrete excess insulin to turn sugar into energy.

When the plasma is too dirty, the function is weakened, so the sugar in the blood increases and cannot be fully utilized and excreted.

  Women’s diabetes is four times more likely to have diabetes than normal women.

And 70% of people with diabetes are obese.

In patients with diabetes caused by obesity, after weight loss, the condition will be improved and the metabolic function of sugar will return to normal.

  Life insurance companies that affect life expectancy in the United States mostly use the weight of a person as the standard for predicting life expectancy.

According to its data, it is lighter than the “ideal weight” calculated by height.

Can live longer.

  Skin disease dermatologist pointed out that because of the sweating complications of fat people, it will destroy the complications of skin infection prevention.

Fat people are prone to eczema, rash, sputum and other skin diseases.

  Surgeons with higher risk during surgery say: “The heavier the weight, the higher the incidence of accidental risks from anesthesia to surgery.

The biggest danger is heart failure.

In addition, the wound is prone to inflammation and is longer than the lean person.

“It is easier to fight snoring than a thin person. This is not a serious illness, but it also affects health. It is easy to suffocate when you sleep, and interferes with the sleep of your spouse or roommate.

  A doctor in the United States of gynecology said: “A particularly obese woman, the body will secrete too much estrogen, too much estrogen, too little lutein, she may have edema or brain swelling, weight will be heavier.

“Obese women are often prone to irregular menstruation, such as long periods, irregularities, large flow, and hirsutism – abnormal growth of body hair caused by hormone imbalance.

Vaginal infections and some premenstrual complications are also associated with obesity.

  Kidney disease The kidneys filter the blood from the body about 25 times a day to remove the waste and toxins in the blood, maintaining the balance of salt, water and other substances. Kidney experts say that they are overweight and easily harm the main organs of the body because of kidney disease.Both causes of diabetes and high blood pressure are associated with obesity.

  The American Cancer Society study found that a person’s weight is more than 40% heavier than the average age of the same age, and the chance of suffering from endometrial cancer is normal.

4 times; the chance of developing gallbladder cancer is 3.

8 times; the chance of suffering from cervical cancer is 2 of normal people.

4 times; the chance of developing diabetes is 1.

5 times.

  Crimes Unless the obese person with very low blood pressure, the chance of suffering from heart disease will be significantly higher than that of normal people, because the aunt will have a blood vessel wall.

The extra aunt will not affect the appearance, it will make the blood not get enough oxygen. In order to avoid this, the body will make excessive red blood cells, make the blood thick and slow, and the flow rate is slow.

In obese people, the heart will expand and weaken due to excessive fatigue, and severe cases will have “congestive heart failure.”

Studies have shown that obesity is more likely to cause heart disease than smoking.

  The foot disease expert said: “The double can support a weight of 50 kilograms, and it is too hard to support the weight of 70 kilograms or more. It also exceeds its load.

“Because your body weight is supported by your feet, the toenail is deep in the flesh, and the corns, calluses and various foot problems are mostly in the excessive.”

  The body with too much pain in the buttocks will add excessive tension to the back muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc., which will cause back pain, which will cause chronic pain.

Also, the bulging abdomen is also prone to back pain.

  The decline in sexual quality due to hormonal imbalance in obesity, irregular menstruation, and reduced physiological needs.

Coupled with too many abdominal adults, the movement will become clumsy and inflexible, affecting the quality of the couple’s sexual life.

  Affecting pregnancy and pregnancy is a big challenge for obese women. Because obese people are not easy to get pregnant, psychological stress is high, and the burden of heart, blood vessels, kidneys and respiratory tract is heavier than that of ordinary women. Once pregnant, the symptoms will increase accordingly.Even proteinuria occurs.

Women with diabetes also have a higher proportion of malformed children.

The general AIDS of obese women is overweight and should be guarded against dystocia.

It seems that maintaining the ideal weight is definitely a healthy way.

Even a person who is slightly overweight is not as healthy as a thin person.

See all the reasons above, I hope that the confidence of the weight-loss people who are scientifically slimming will be more determined.