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Warm female big white in men’s hearts

“Warm female big white” in men’s hearts

The quality of life determines the happiness of life. For feelings, if the daily life is boring, irritable, depressed, depressed . what else is fun about life?
For men, happiness and relaxation can only be achieved with warm, sunny and positive women.
So, how to become a “warm girl” in the healing department, and how to make yourself a big boy in the minds of boys?
  治愈系“暖女”的特征  1、话不多  “笑容很甜美、话不多而且能认真聆听你说的每一句话”、“在双方都沉默不语的时候,感觉她没有任何抱怨,就Sitting quietly like that, slowly walked into my world.
When she speaks, I will immediately return to God. ”
  Most men think that the biggest feature of healing girls is that even if they are silent, there is no awkwardness, and they do not deliberately talk to adjust the atmosphere.
Although some women are good at speaking, for men, women who are good at listening are more attractive.
  2. Slow-paced speech: “Cure women should be the kind of slow-speaking women”, “Cure women should be the kind of polite and moderate-spoken girls”, “Cure women should be calm and calm girls”
  For men, women who speak politely, calmly and moderately can make themselves feel healed.
If the other person is an endless, chattering woman, men must be tired.
  3. Gentle smile: “Healing women should have dazzling, childlike smiles”, “laughs very much, gentle people make people melt”, “do things softly, laugh gorgeously.”
  The characteristic of healing women is that a gentle smile can melt people’s hearts.
Perhaps a smile from the heart warms the heart more than words.
  4. When you are together, the passage of time will be more leisurely. “You can feel that the passage of time is leisurely with the healing women” and “the atmosphere is very relaxed.”
  The so-called healing department has unique characteristics in speech action and atmosphere.
To make men feel like they are women of healing, the first thing is to smile.
Next is the slow speed of action and speech.
Although those quirky and active women are not bad, for men, those girls who are healed are more able to soothe their tired hearts.
  With the women of the healing department, you can feel the time flowing away quietly.
For breathless men who are overwhelmed by stress at work.
The quiet and comfortable time with healing women is especially precious.
  In the eyes of men, the “warm girl” is as warm and bright as the morning sun.
Cooperating with “Sunshine” not only can soothe the tired heart of men, but also can make life happy.