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Nutrition and anti-cancer-sweet potato porridge

Nutrition and anti-cancer-sweet potato porridge

In the dry autumn, a bowl of sweet potato porridge is good for your body.

Among the 20 kinds of anti-cancer vegetables published by the National Cancer Research Center of Japan, sweet potatoes rank first; among the classical Chinese medicine literature of insulin: the effect of sweet potatoes “tonication, vitality, spleen and stomach, and strong kidney yin”.

  Dr. Rui Lili, Department of Food and Nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said that the biggest effect of sweet potatoes is to regulate the body. It contains soluble fiber and a large number of bacteria, and has a laxative and detoxifying effect.

Because of its low content of fat and metabolism, it has a certain effect on weight loss and bodybuilding.

  How to eat sweet potatoes more nutritious?

  One is to avoid eating raw.

Somewhere in the south, fashionable sweet potatoes are eaten raw.

Sweet potato has a lot of starch content. Digestion is difficult if eaten raw. It is best to cook it.

High-temperature heating can also make soluble fiber easy to digest, shorten the sugar chain, and increase the sweetness of sweet potatoes.

  The second is to avoid eating alone.

Eat sweet potatoes with other cereals appropriately.

If you eat it alone, because of too much protein, it will cause uneven nutritional supplementation.

Therefore, it is actually more scientific to traditionally cut sweet potatoes into pieces and make porridge with rice.

  Eating too much will cause exhaustion, which is the reason why extra people “stay away” from sweet potatoes.

Rui Lili believes that eating sweet potatoes every 200 grams generally does not have the embarrassment of exhaust.

It can be eaten with rice and noodles with salted vegetables or a la carte soup.

Compared with the score of white pupa, the nutritional value of red pupa is higher.

When buying sweet potatoes, you should choose the ones with darker colors, which are rich in carotene.

  ”In the country, I rarely see anyone eating sweet potato leaves.

In fact, sweet potato leaves are more valuable than sweet potatoes!

Rui Lili told reporters that sweet potato leaves contain a unique type of glue protein, which can be a variety of vitamins, can enhance the vitality of human cells, and improve immunity.

  Sweet potato leaves are the young leaves on the top of the shoots after the sweet potatoes mature.

The Asian Vegetable Research Center has classified sweet potato leaves as a highly nutritious vegetable variety, calling it the “Queen of Vegetables”.

In recent years, there has been a “sweet potato leaf fever” in Japan, Europe, America and other countries and regions.

  According to her, there are two main ways to eat sweet potato leaves: the first is to pick the fresh and delicate leaf tips, scald with boiling water, and mix with seasonings such as sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper oil, and ginger juice to make cold dishes, The appearance is tender and green, which makes people have an appetite; the second is stir-fried like vegetables such as lettuce, waterweed and other vegetables, sweet and sweet, with unique flavor.

She believes that the sweet potato leaves have not been developed before, which may be related to people’s perceptions and the level of preservation technology.

In foreign countries, freeze-drying technology is generally used, which will increase the cost of vegetables.