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Encountered workplace power outages, three measures can be dealt with

Encountered “workplace power outages”, three measures can be dealt with

Have you always been rich in inspiration. Have you ever experienced Jiang Lang before, and scratching your scalp?
Have you always been motivated to work? Have you ever been slack and even want to get rid of work?
The goal has always been clear. Have you ever been tired and meaningless of all your ambitions and struggles?
The praise of the leader becomes a reminder and criticism, the praise of the colleagues becomes a question and a dissatisfaction, and you don’t know, what happened to yourself?
  The problem is simple: you have a blackout period in the workplace.
Everyone may encounter such a dark period, which is accompanied by the high tide and low tide of people’s physiological state. Every time, a few years or months will occur regularly.
But you don’t need to be too nervous, here are a few tricks that can help you brighten up the “lights” in the workplace as quickly as possible.
  Symptoms of a power failure: “unexpected” symptoms performance: scratching his head to no avail, Jiang Lang is still not creative.
  The first pulse: There are many reasons for the loss of inspiration, most likely because of “output” overruns.
Creativity and inspiration are the output of the essence of personal thinking, but with more output, you may spend less time “inputting”.
If you go out for a long time, you will be famine and your mind will become narrow.
  Confused: Last training class, hold a library card, build confidence for yourself, and arrange a “big meal” for your head.
  The second pulse: the lack of inspiration may also be due to the violation of the law of innovation, and always follow a familiar way of thinking or thinking set, habitually follow the footsteps of predecessors or others, which will lead to a decline in own creativity.
  Confused: consciously contact new things and break the inertia of thinking.
  The third pulse: Sometimes you may just be too tired, too nervous, and you may be too tight on your strings. It may be because of work, or it may be because of life.
At this time, simply walk out of the office and do what you like most to relax your mood.
When you come back after a while, you may be surprised to find that there is a steady stream of inspiration.
  Confused: Travel on vacation, rest and recuperate, give yourself a big vacation.
  Power failure symptoms II: Slackness Performance: Work enthusiasm has plummeted, and struggling faith is crumbling.
  Pulse one: chronic lack of motivation.
Everyone has a way to motivate themselves to increase their sense of personal accomplishment as a driving force for continued efforts.
Some people do it through performance at work, some people get paid, and some people may need praise from leaders.
If similar motivation is lost for a long time, the consequence is that the enthusiasm for work is no longer, and even the belief of struggle is shaken.
  Confused: Affirm yourself and find new motivation points.
There are many factors that can make you feel a sense of accomplishment. You might as well think from another angle.
If you can’t find it, consider changing to a job that gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  Pulse 2: Bad habits can lead to job slackness.
Such as procrastination, late night clubbing, online chat, etc. The negative habits of inefficiency and killing time will directly affect your will and work status.
  Confused: Quickly get rid of bad habits, get rid of the inertia that has formed, and resume fast, efficient, and positive habits.
  Pulse three: The old goals of struggle have been achieved, such as the salary standards, housing and car concepts established by people when they were young.
Now everything has become a reality, but it has lost its goals and fighting spirit.
At this time, it is necessary to make clear that work is not only a means of earning a living, it should help us to continuously reach new heights in life, and the goal needs to be continuously improved, so as to obtain a continuously high fighting spirit.
  Answer: Re-establish a new and higher goal.
  Power failure symptoms three: anxiety disorder Performance: Unpredictable, unable to cope at night.
  Pulse: The biggest cause of anxiety is stress.
Everyone’s ability is limited. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will have negative effects.
Sometimes the pressure comes from the outside world. It may be too heavy a task assigned by the leader, or it may be an internal cause. You arrange a lot of things for yourself, and you want to do everything the best.The center of all life has made itself nervous.
  Answer: There are many ways to reduce stress. If it is a problem of ability, you can charge it. If it is a psychological problem, you may want to talk to a counselor to talk to them. They will give you the most appropriate advice.